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In this series of Figma tutorials, we will be learning how to create a beautiful UI using some of the most powerful features and plugins Figma has available.

Learn everything from setting up your styles and building reusable components, to building interactive prototypes and handing your designs over to an engineer.

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Get started with Figma

Setting up your colour and typography styles, an intro to components, using vectors and more!

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Figma lesson 1

Other tutorials

Intermediate Figma

Learn about setting up grids, the powerful Auto Layout, some accessibility tips and plugins and more!

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Prototyping and Handover

Learn how to create interactive prototypes for testing, as well as learning about getting your work ready for handover.

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Figma lesson 3

Tips and Tricks

A collection of tips, tricks, and shortcuts to help speed up your workflow and make the most out of what Figma has to offer.

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Once you complete the Figma course, you can get a certificate from uxtoast to share your new found skills.

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